Adult & Child Psychology
Throughout our years in practice, the psychology services at Toni Campagnoni & Assoc. INC in Milton, Nova Scotia, have helped men, women, teens, children, and families to find solutions to improve their lives. Utilize our expertise to help you or your loved one.

Adult Psychological Therapy and Counselling

In our complex ever changing world there are times when a person wishes for confidential support to cope. Some of these issues may be loss of a relationship, loved one, security of a job, or health. There are then times when we don’t know why we are feeling overwhelming stress and anxiety, but certainly wish for this to change. At times, discussion about our health with our physician can even lead to the discovery that our health has been affected by stress. There is often a real underestimation of the impact stress has on us, especially those who care for others.
Some individuals seek therapy for the sole purpose of improving the quality of their lives by increasing self-awareness and knowledge. Some individuals seek to improve how they cope with life’s challenges to increase their assertiveness, or to decrease overwhelming anger.

Adult Psychology

We are concerned with seeing that you have the support needed on your journey through the issues in your life.

Child-Focused Approach to Therapy

When we work with children, our first priority is to make them feel comfortable enough to trust and share their worries or concerns. Often children are quite open to seeing an approachable adult who wants to listen and make th experience as enjoyable as possible. We incorporate their interests while working together to encourage open communication.
The children we see come from a wide variety of backgrounds, some very supportive and others with trauma. Sometimes we see children with typical life changes such as moving, or loss of a pet while other times there are more life changing issues such as separation, or critical illness.
Also, we assess and treat for mental health issues in children such as depression, anxiety, oppositional defiance, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and ADHD.

Teens and Therapy

Supporting teens through the challenges of peer pressure, drama, exposure to drugs/alcohol, and internet issues is hugely stressful. There may also be all those internal issues that teens feel as they are learning to become their own person with an identity outside of their family life. At this age they may question how smart they are, how attractive, how interesting, and how valuable they are. They might question their sexuality at times, or whether they will have the relationship they want as they mature. It is a lot, and if they won’t speak with you or another supportive adult, such as an aunt, uncle, grandparent, teacher, or school counselor, there may come a time when you wish for them to see a psychologist. Teens need to know that these conversations are confidential unless there is a “safety issue”that arises.

Parental Involvement

Your child will require your help and support to get them through the challenges in their lives. Including the parents as much as possible to help transfer the skills to home is vital to their success. Since every family is different, we tailor our approach to your specific needs and closely monitor what works best for everyone.

Psycho-Educational Assessments

These in-depth assessments discovers if an individual has a processing difficulty or learning disability which is impeding progress in elementary, middle school, high school, community college or university. We can find out what an individual’s learning style may be and which strengths may enhance learning. These assessments often involve one full day or two half days of testing one on one as well as consultations, and full document reviews. After the process is completed the individual will receive a personalized report with recommendations in terms of ways to address needs and to increase the chances for success (SEE FURTHER INFO UNDER FORMS).

Developmental Assessments

These assessments provide insights into areas requiring attention. Often these assessments are accessed for preschoolers if there are lags in development for the purpose of early intervention. Other times, children and adults may have these assessments to assess for developmental disabilities/differences as part of program planning.

One-on-One Consultations

If you’re still feeling unsure about bringing your child or teen in, see us first to determine if therapy is best. Our consultations are perfect for parents to receive information and strategies and ask questions to see if their child is in need of our service.

ADHD Assessments

Assess whether you or your child has ADHD with standardized assessment tools and a computer based assessment of attention to help determine if the disorder is likely. We then provide strategies to help adults and children with daily routines and activities. We still may suggest a medical consult.

Contact our confidential personable office manager, Kim MacKenzie, with any questions toll free 1-888-995-0432.